Marketing for online shops: How to generate new customers

Online shops can be found more easily by SEO, but there are many users who enter the brand, i.e. the brand directly into the Google search slot or just type in the domain. These are users who do not come through Google and also make up a considerable part of your competitors’ clientele. To reach such customers, your online shop must be in the minds of the users. You can do this through advertising – but not just any advertising, but effective advertising.

This is where blog marketing comes in: bloggers, i.e. the operators of blogs, are very well networked with each other, know each other and always share the contents of the blogs with each other. In addition blogs often have a large readership, since it concerns not an evaluation portal or comparison portal, but usually around honest empiric reports and experiences of the Blogger.

If you can get a blogger to introduce your online store or the products of your online store, your online store will become better known. Why? Because a blog article is less associated with advertising than conventional advertising, such as typical banner ads.

Make online shop better known through blog marketing

You also receive important backlinks that increase your visibility. The problem: Currently, search engine giant Google is taking strong action against unmarked advertorials and is punishing the advertisers. Of course, increasing visibility is very tempting, but you should be careful with blog marketing. Have your advertising – i.e. the links in the blog posts – marked as advertising and tagged with the no-follow tag. This way you run no risk that Google will punish you and set the visibility of your online shop to 0.

Marketing not necessarily as an SEO measure

You should not necessarily see blog marketing as an SEO measure, but as a marketing strategy. A comparison to offline advertising helps here quite well: An advertising spot on TV is also recognisable as it runs during the commercial break and not in the feature film. You should see the blog posts from your blog marketing strategy as a TV commercial, only more effective, because it is not directly recognizable as advertising. Leave SEO aspects completely out of your blog marketing.

How to make your Online marketing effective

In order to make your measures as effective as possible, you should make sure that you adhere to various criteria and factors. There are several things you should look out for to successfully promote your online shop and attract more customers. We have listed the most important points for you below.

Choose blogs relevant to your topic

The best advertising is only of use to you if it is also placed in the thematically suitable environment. For this reason, you should only choose blogs that match the topic so that the greatest possible effectiveness can be achieved.

Blogs with visitors

Make sure that the blogs on which you want to publish your advertorial also have visitors. What good is it to your advertising if it is not read? Ask for the number of visitors before, if they are not visible in the blog.

Active visitors

It is not only the number of visitors that is important, but also that the visitors are active. You can recognize this activity by the blog comments and is therefore important because you can recognize that users take the blog seriously and read through the articles.

Not everything in one go
Remember that although you can generate a large number of visitors at short notice if all blogs report about you at the same time, the time distribution is important for long-term success. So don’t let all blog posts be published in one fell swoop.


If you want to make your online store better known through blog marketing, you should pay attention to various factors with which you can generate more visitors and also new customers. With little effort,


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